Why Tütensuppe?


That’s easy: Since our first trip and thanks to the idea of Alex we always carry packet soups (=Tütensuppe in German) with us. They don’t weigt a lot and don’t need much space. With this I could always have, what is important for me: One warm meal before sleeping. We chose ‘Tütensuppe’ as the name for our blog because it describes us and our trips in a funny way:

  • Fast made and uncomplicated – like us
  • Small and concentrated on the essential – like our luggage
  • Cheap and delicious – like our trips
  • There are many sorts of soups – and there are even more countries we still want to see

Now, every time we eat a packet soup in our normal life, the typical smell of the soups reminds us on our trips, the nights with the camping stove in the middle of nowhere and all the places, where we put our tent. The smell of packet soups makes us smile.


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