Dear family, friends, acquaintances and curious, finally! one of our wishes comes true, we can finally and digitally share everything that happens to us as we travel with those who might sometimes wonder: where are these now?

We hope you enjoy reading us while getting to know what we have done, what we are doing and what we plan to do as much as we enjoy sharing it.  Let’s start!



In the summer of 2013, we began our first backpacking and hitchhiking journey…

Because of the intensity with which we live every day we are on the road, the days go by very quickly… and when we see that we already at the last stop, and although we are tired and looking forward to a nice shower, we begin to plan where we could go next summer.

We are now addicted, like it has happened to many others, traveling is a drug without which we can not be. And not only that, we also need these travels to get us out of our “comfort zone”, therefore, and without setting any precedent, the following has made this need of ours until now possible. So far:

  • We have always traveled  as ” backpacker ” (with a backpack).
  • We have moved hitchhiking.
  • We camped anywhere, be it a public park or a cornfield.
  • We have traveled  “low cost”. To make this possible, we fed ourselves mainly with energy bars for breakfast and soups (German:Tütensuppe) for dinner. During the day, we eat bread with whatever we find.
  • To provide flexibility to travel, we do not follow any fixed plan or schedule, only know what we want to see and what day we will leave and return.(to already book the flights mostly)


And made ​​the introduction, we invite you to discover our website,  to share your experiences, to do all the comments and questions as necessary .We also encourage you to enjoy what we share with you so that you may feel closer to us and even feel that you can travel with us!

Alex & Elisabet


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