Third stopover: Ulan-Ude (and Lake Baikal)

After the long and exhausting train ride we arrived in Ulan-Ude early in the morning. The city is famous for having the biggest bust of Lenin in whole Russia (and the world).

Picture 002

Picture 003

On the same day we arrived we decided to go to Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. (3h bus ride from Ulan-Ude)

Picture 004There is a hot spring which makes the water really hot – almost too hot to put your feet inside.

Picture 005

We put our tent on the beach of the lake. There were also some Russian people camping next to us. Most of the beach was full of rubbish left by other campers. A pity!

Picture 006

Do you see our wet hair? We’ve been in the water (and it was cold!)

Picture 007

We slept one night at the lake and had a beautiful sunset and could fall asleep hearing the sound of the water.

Picture 008

Next morning we went back to Ulan-Ude where we had a nice meal – with meat though :(

Picture 009

We are getting closer to Mongolia:)

Picture 010

The place where the city was founded.


Picture 011

Another war memorial.

Picture 012

Picture 013

Picture 014

We managed it to sleep one night for free on a couch in a hostel. The next morning we took the bus to Mongolia and as you can see in our passports we made it. Our 28th country together!

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