The next 30 days

30 days because these are the days you get as a tourist in Russia.

As always we don’t have a specific plan but a rough idea of the dates and places we will visit as well as the return flight on September 3.

This afternoon at 13h we will take the bus at Estacio del Nord to Madrid Barajas and from there we will fly to St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg we will spend 3 days and be hosted by a guy from couchsurfing. Then we will hitchhiking to Moscow where we will also be hosted by couchsurfing and stay about 2-3 days. After visiting the city, we will finally beginn the Trans-Mongolian Railway journey, through which we plan to make a stop in Yekaterinburg / Novosibirisk or Omsk / Ulan-Ude (with the obligatory visit to Lake Baikal) / Ulan-Bator and being back at Russian territory and from where we fly home,Irkutsk.

In Mongolia we plan to stay there a week living on a Mongol farm working as volunteers in exchange for accommodation thanks to workaway.

Let the adventure beginn:)


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