The first 24h

It all started last August 4, the day we left Barcelona. As mentioned, we had to catch a bus at 13h, we happened to leave home at 12: 40h. Rapidly we toke a bike and pedaling like crazy we went to the station where we arrived, luckily, seven minutes before the bus departure. Once seated, we enjoyed the 8h journey until reaching the airport. Despite arriving an hour before we started foolishly to talk sitting in a corner where we literally just waisted our time, what we did not know until we decided check-in in one of these machines and as we wanted to check-in the second luggage we couldnt do so…

Without thinking it twice we went in front of all the line and asked the lady working at Iberia who told us that the flight had been closed and, therefore, we could only check one of two backpacks. It had to be Alex‘s, who is normally more loaded than me. We emptied and slipped it as my hand luggage. Once past the security checkpoint we realized that we needed 18 minutes and a train ride up to the gate. Afraid that we wouldn’t make it, we run, once more, and we got in, lucky us! Once on the plane because, once sure that nothing else could happen, we relaxed and enjoy the food (vegetarian without dairy products) that offered the company“free of charge”. The flight was at night, so once we got to St. Petersburg, we just wanted to sleep, but things got afain complicated. While we waited for Alex’s backpack and after everybody had already left, we realized that the backpack wasn’t there, so we filled out the necessary papers and left, after they adviced us to come by again tomorrow. Exhausted, we went to meet Ilia, the couchsurfing guy. On the way we had to deal with the public transportation issues, bus and metro, where we discovered the tokens, special coins that you purchases to get throw the subway machines. Once at our meeting point, he toke us “home”, where we could finally rest.


  • When travelling puntuality DOES matter
  • Starting off your vacations all soaking in sweat is not a good option
  • For anything and in general, couchsurfing is always a good option






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