Second stopover: Omsk

After almost another full day we stopped in Omsk in southern Siberia. Now we have left Europe already and we are in Asia. When we arrived at the green train station in Perm it was already dark.



This time we didnt needed any people for help. Inside a block of flats we found a construction side where we could put our tent:



After having slept there, we left our backpacks at the station and started to walk through the city. Typically for Russia this city has several war memorials:


We also saw the really beautifull cathedral:


There is a river going through Omsk, we were lucky and had a beautiful sunset there.


We slept the next night in a park not far away from where we slept the night before. Today we had an rich breakfast in a bakery, in the afternoon we will finally have a shower at a place of a couchsurfer before being in the train for almost 3 days.



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