Second day in Saint Petersburg

Our second day in  Saint Petersburg and aganints what we had planned we woke up later than expected. We had breakfast with our host and made our way to the center. On the way we visited along the oldest metro station of the city (1956) some of the most beautiful hidden museums we have ever seen, some stations are still decorated like they were back in the Soviet Union. After having seen the most representative ones and having taken (too) many pictures we went back to the outside using the deepest mechanical escalator in the city, taking 7 minutes to get finally out.

On the street opposite to the subway exit we saw an internet cafe on which we decided uploading the previous articles. In the afternoon we visited the some remaining must see of the city and we strolled around the summer garden, which reminded me on the  Versailles gardens. For dinner and because we couldn’t find anything cheap that wouldn’t have meat, we ended up eating an asian noodle box. Around midnight we met again with our host and his new guests, a german couple. Together we had planned to watch the actually not so spectacular opening of the bridges that everyone seemed to kind of celebrate quite enthusiasticly. While waiting (the bridge where we were standing and first one to be open at 1:20am) we made some attemps to lit up some of those paper lanterns, sadly they both ended up burning.

On the way back home we had to get into a small taxi the 5 of us, four sitting uncomfortably on the back sits and our host in front. Sursprisingly this didn’t seem to be a problem for the taxi driver, who drove 100km/h through the never ending city. Finally home, the third couple was already sleeping. In silence we got ready to sleep.

About today we can say:

  • Many stations in Saint Petersburg are more beautiful than many eruopean museums
  • Walking on tourtistic streets you will find people with alive animals like rakoons, snakes or monkeys who would hang the animal on you and expect a payer picture
  • It doesn’t matter how many you are sitting in a cab as long as you pay the fare
  • Hosting 3 couples at once might not be a good idea






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