Spain Trip

On our first trip in 2014 we hitchhiked through the northern part of Spain. It was weird to travel in a country, where we could understand everybody (which also made many things easier). We were on the road in the beginning of August, which means it was really hot everyday and at every time. We have visited this cities:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Cervera
  3. Lleida
  4. Zaragoza
  5. Pamplona
  6. San Sebastián (Donostia)
  7. Bilbao
  8. Burgos
  9. Madrid
  10. València
  11. Xaló
  12. Tarragona
  13. Barcelona


Our first stop – Cervera.


Our ‘home’ in Zaragoza.


The Skyline of Zaragoza.


Us in San Sebastián

spain5Statue in Basque Country


Placa del Sol in Madrid.


Almost back home.

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