North-Eastern Europe

We continued our second trip in the summer of 2014 where we stopped in 2013: Bukarest. We made our way through the by Russia influenced countries Moldavia and Ukraine up north to the Baltic States. From there we visited all Scandinavian capitals till Copenhagen. From there we flew back home. Beside the cultural differences of the various countries we could also feel the different climates (at night it got really cold in the tents). Here are the stations of our trip:

  1. Romania (Bukarest, Constanța, Tulcea, Galați)
  2. Moldavia (Chișinău, Edineț)
  3. Ukraine (Ternopil (Тернопіль), Lwiw (Львів/Lemberg))
  4. Poland (Kraków, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Augustów)
  5. Lithuania (Vilnius)
  6. Latvia (Rīga)
  7. Estonia (Tallinn)
  8. Finland (Helsinki, Turku)
  9. Sweden I (Stockholm, Karlskoga)
  10. Norway (Oslo)
  11. Sweden II (Gotenborg, Malmö)
  12. Denmark (Copenhagen)


Street in Romania.


‘Sympathy’ for Putin in Ukraine.


Stalins birthday cake in Warsaw.


Waiting for the ferry in Tallinn.

nord5On the ferry to Helsinki.

nord6Our tent in Helsinki.


Visiting the king in Stockholm.

nord8On our way to Oslo.

nord10At the Nyhavn in Copenhagen.

nord11 The last country of our trip, the Freetown Christiania.

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