First day in Saint Petersburg

After our host was coming home from work, we went together to the “Christophski-Island”. On this Island is an amusment-park and they are building a football stadium for the world cup 2018. We walked through the park and later back next to the river. Like this we got a first impression of the city. We had to leave the island before 12, because the bridges open at night, so that boats can pass through them. We ate something small and went back home with the last metro.

We woke up still a bit sleepy the next morning and went into the touristical center of the city. We made a free walking tour in the sunshine. We learned more stuff about the city and its history.

After the tour we had lunch and walked alone through the city. We visited an orthodox church and the “Rabbit Island”. After that we went to the airport to pick up my backpack. We got to know many thing about russian bureukratie:

  • You have to wait a lot
  • English is not really appreciated
  • You dont see many smiles

Still we were happy to have back the backpack.

Our host had for this night a japanese couple at his place. We had an international dinner, for which we cooked some misserable pasta with tomatoe-souce, meanwhile the Japanese cooked an awesome soup.

After the first day here we can say:

  • Saint Petersburg is still quite western
  • Saint Petersburg is really clean
  • If it is already hard in Saint Petersburg to speak English, how will it be in the rest of Russia?





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