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Who are we?


We are a couple in love. In love with life and the world, in love with the countless places to discover that has the planet on which we live. In love with the many cultures and customs that exist on it. And, of course, in love with each other!

Our story began during my the Erasmus semester in Brussels (Belgium). One day, while attending a meeting at the Kafka bar near la Bourse, we met, and it is thanks to our fortunate encounter,  that we are here today, writing this Blog.

That January 2013, made ​​us rethink our lives and priorities, deciding to start a new journey together. A journey together that makes us smile every passing day, for which we feel very fortunate and for which we fight every day.

Today, unknowingly, we have become one of the many couples from different countries who met while living abroad. And despite the difficulties this entails, we seek to transform the complexity of this kind of relationship in an attribute that adds more intensity and makes it a challenge. We are, in short, one of those many couples that do or seek to join that cultural differences and mixing our customs and enjoying each other.

Finally, the reason why this blog exists and making possible what seemed to many not possible, these trips have become one of the ways we identify ourselves as a couple. Therefore, one of our dreams is to get to see the world, bit by bit, little by little, but always together.




Dreamy , bold , stubborn , perfectionist, dogmatic and caring.


What three things are essential for me when traveling?

  • Mosquito repellent spray .
  • A good sleeping bag. Sleeping well is important.
  • Packet soups, meaning a hot meal before going to sleep.

What 3 things I hate it when I travel?

  • Mosquitos.
  • When people ignore us when we hitchhike or lies to us, saying that they don’t go where we’re heading to even if it seems obvious yes.
  • To be cold at night.

When have I been more afraid?

In Serbia, in the car of a man driving by night and way too fast, approaching the cars in front, on a winding road and when unable to fasten your seatbelt because there was none

What has struck me most?

The contrasts of Kosovo, the suffering and disappointment of its people because of their history and actual situation. Although being now independent they are paying the consequences of an already corrupt  government.

The half done streets and the crazy amount of car cleaning and maintenance business made basically for all the cars with foreign number plates from the exiled that come back home during their holidays. Their enthusiasm to see that we had chosen to visit their country, despite everything. The fact that as we walked, a car stopped and the couple inside offered us help or if they could take us somewhere, and that, once taken to a school on the garden of which they knew they’d let us sleep, we could refill our bottles water thanks to the concierge who also spent the night there with his family..

What do I do when I do not travel?

I attempt to make sense of my existence today by finding the job that will allow me not only be happy, but to make the world a slightly better place.

I would like to do my bit by participating in the organization and coordination of international  humanitarian projects. Next year will begin a master’s degree in international relations in England. In the mean time I enjoy the small pleasures of life, i enjoy love and being healthy. I also dedicate some  time to doing sport and learning languages, currently learning German.


What I appreciate most about Alex?

What i appreciate the most is that he is always for everything. He always have a plan and designed solution. He raises that I do not think so important. He makes me feel safe.




A pragmatic, shy, sensitive, funny and idealist.


What three things are essential for me when traveling?

  • my hiking boots.
  • a map.
  • cereal bars.

What 3 things I hate it when I travel?

  • Rainy days.
  • Eating inside the tent.
  • Crossing highways walking.


When have I been more afraid?

In Austria, at night while a man took us in his car. Suddenly, he stopped in the middle of nowhere, I was sure I was going to rob us. Luckily, he only  went for coffee. Elisabet was asleep and did not even realize how scared I was.

What has struck me most ?

Seeing the village in Romania where my mum was born and grew up. To see how people still lives there. To see what remains of the german colony that existed in the area 30 years ago and to meet people who still live there and still remember my grandparents.

What do I do when I do not travel ?

Practice sport, especially handball. I study “something that has to do with comuniación ” which turns out to be quite interesting. Though i am still looking for what to do next with what I’ve learned.

What I appreciate most about Elisabet?

The fact that she “kicks my ass ” when I need it. The fact that she dares to ask people for help or if they can drive us with them in the car. That she make my mood disappears.


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