5 best nights

To have the tent always with us gives us the chance, to sleep at any possible place. The amount of parks, grass places and fields, where we theoretically can build our tent is infinite. When we thinkt, where already slept, it seems impossible, to have been brave or lucky enough, to having slept at these places.




Here we present you our 5 best places:



  1. Bilbao, a night full of fear

In our second night in Bilbao we were searching already in darkness for a place to sleep on a hill in the city. Once we found a place and built up the tent, we saw several ‘weird’ people walking around this area. Even though there was no concrete reason for that, we were a bit afraid. This was one of the only nights, in which I slept with the pepperspray in my hand. Alex had to go out the tent several times to check, if there was somebody. At some point I could fall asleep, while Alex was still laying awake for a long time.

On the next mornig we got rewarded for our nervous night. While having breakfast we had an amazing view over the city.

  1. On the field in Ukraine

In the way to the polish boarder we slept literally on the countryside. In a cornfield we passed the night with many smells and animals, which scared us several times at night.

Thanks to this marvelous place we had a stunning, foggy and calm atmosphere.


  1. Romania: Come in, it is dangerous outside!

After having lost our camera, we were wondering through a romanian village lookin for a place to sleep. We tried to reached the end of village, because we hoped to find there a place to build the tent.

A man was coming out of his house and asked us, what we do and where we want to got. Since we couldn’t speak a word romanian and this guy no word english, we explained him with hand and toes what we are doing and what we want. If we got him right, he told us that it was dangerous outside and we should come inside.

Interesting thought: While most people in the rest of Europe have a quite negative image of romanian people, this guy just offered us his help without being asked for.

So it happened that we slept in a half constructed house on the roof without our tent.


  1. On the playground in Kosovo

Our stayin Kosovo was really special for the both of us. In our first nint we could sleep on a playground of a school. The Genitor of the school, who lives in the school buildin allowed us to sleep there.


We cooked our packet soup while frogs where jumping trough the grass. When the sun was going dowm, we could here the Muezzin calling for the evening prayer.


Later at night we saw some teenager meetig scretly on the playground.


  1. Bulgaria, a breathtaking  view

It started with the luck, that an older couple was taking us in their car. They recomended us, to build our tent at the coast just some kilometers away from the romanian boarder. They brought us unexpecedly to one of the most beautiful places, where we have been.

On a plateu on a rocky coast, about 30 meters over the sea level, there was an unofficial Hippie-campimg. Besides us there were only a couple of hippies there, which were smoking and playing the guitar. Several crosses were telling the stories of people who uncarefully died here falling down the cliffs.

There was a spot where gas was comingput of the ground. This burning gas is an ‘eternal flame’ and the perfect spot to have a BBQ.

The couple luckily gave us some saussages, which we grilled and ate there. On the next mornig we saw s spectacular sunrise over the sea. We found a safe way down and saw the hippies swimmimg naked in the sea.

While I, used to the calm sand beach in Barcelona, was afraid of the rocky coast, Alex had tons of fun jumping from the rocks to the water.

And what are the most beautiul places you ever slept?


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