Sud-est d’Europa

In Summer 2013 we started our first big trip together. We hitchhiked from Stuttgart to Istanbul and we flew back home from Bucharest. Here you can see the stations of our trip:

  1. Germany (Stuttgart, Munich)
  2. Austria (Salzburg, Viena)
  3. Slovakia (Bratislava)
  4. Hungary (Budapest, Balaton, Pécs, Szeged)
  5. Romania I (Bucharest, Timișoara)
  6. Serbia (Novi Sad, Belgrade)
  7. Kosovo (Pristina)
  8. Montenegro (Podgorica, Budva)
  9. Albania (Tirana)
  10. Macedonia (Ohrid)
  11. Greece (Florina, Thessaloniki, Komotini)
  12. Turkey (Istanbul, Edirne)
  13. Bulgaria (Burgas, Varna)
  14. Romania II (Constanța, Bucharest)

This trip showed us, that just by hitchhiking and with a tent you can get really far. It was nice to follow the Danube in what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Later we saw the interesting development of Europes youngest countries of Ex-Yugoslavia. At the end of our trip in Turkey, we came in touch with the Asian culture.


Trying to get out of Slovakia.


sud2Villages in Hungary.


Getting a stamp in our passport for the first time in Serbia.


Enjoying an ice cream a stranger gave us in Kosovo.

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